Seminars and practical sessions

Group seminars are usually based on training for an event but can be on any endurance sport related topic.

Smart Coaching provides seminars and workshops for athlete or business groups on sport related topics. There are many variations on all talks which can be tailored to suit each group.

Some common topics are:

  • How to build up and prepare for endurance events including yearly periodisation.
  • Balancing work, home life and training, tricks for the person with no time.
  • Cycling technique injury prevention and bike set up.
  • Cycling safety on the road - how to avoid crashes.
  • Nutrition for your big event - how to get the most out of your body.
  • Any variation on the above talks or any endurance related subject.

The seminar cost depends on the length and type of seminar required. Please provide details of the following in your email.

  1. What you would like covered in the seminar.
  2. Some background on the people attending - who they are and how they will be using the information you would like covered.
  3. How long you would like the seminar to be.
  4. Roughly how many there will be attending.
  5. Where you would like to hold the seminar or if you would like us to organise a venue.

Please do not hesitate to contact smart coaching here with any further questions:

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