Nutrition, event planning, thinking while you eat and drink...

What should I be eating while out training or during a race?

What's the best way to carry and organise my food?

When should I have each type of food during the event or training?

What do I do if I feel sick?

What do I do if I feel shaky or light headed?

What do I do if I feel bloated?

How much should I be eating and drinking?

Great questions!

Fuelling with correct nutrition for training and of course in your event, can have as big an affect on performance as the actual training you do. Many an athlete has all their hard training undone by not having a robust nutrition plan to compliment the hard training they have put in. The longer and more complicated the event, the more important it is to get the nutrition right. In longer events there is less "margin for error". The second half of a long endurance event is when most nutrition plans fall apart!

If you would like a nutrition plan for training and racing, please Contact us here.

Setting up your bike or running belt with nutrition that is easy to get to and in the order you need to consume it is a key component of any nutrition strategy.

So when the going gets tough, you have the power to perform.