Nutrition, event planning, thinking while you eat and drink...

But what should I eat? 
What's the best way to carry it? 
When should I have each type of food during the event and training? 
What do I do if I feel sick? 
What do I do if I feel shaky or light headed?
What do I do if I feel bloated?

Great questions!

Fuelling with correct nutrition for training and of course in your event, can be as important for your performance as the actual training you do. Many an athlete has all there hard training undone by not having a robust enough nutrition plan to compliment their physical potential. With a clear focus for each part of the event and a strategy for that goal "luck" is created. The longer and more complicated the event the more important it is to get this right and the less margin for error there will be, especially towards the end when the going gets tough!

Please contact Smart Coaching now if you would like to set one of these up and we can arrange a time and place.