Congratulations to Joe Cooper winning the 
New Zealand Elite Nationals Road Championships 

Training Programmes
Ten years of hard dedicated training recognised in a great, very 
deserved win!

Silas and Mark Cycling on Col du Glandon 
completing a 200km stage of 
the Tour de France 

If you talk to someone who has completed an Ironman you’ll soon find they describe it as one of the best life experiences they have ever had. Words can’t describe the feeling of elation when crossing the finish line in an event that you did not comprehend finishing when you first started training. It is something that if you complete, can leave you wondering what would life would be like if you had not gone though the experience. It can change you and make you think about things differently. Do you have what it takes to do an Ironman?.... Click here to read on

Training programmes
Andrew Lloyd on the way to winning the famous Tinman Triathlon

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things

This is what coaching has always been about for me. In 1999 when I began full time coaching there were very few full time endurance coaches around. If I told people I was a full time endurance coach, they couldn't understand how this could be a job. When I explained what an Ironman or a cyclosportive were, they could not see how an event like that could be physically possible... click here to read on

Jodie Stewart in great form at the 
Xterra Triathlon