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    Congratulations to Joe Cooper winning the 2013 elite time trial national championships. 
    Joe pictured centre a very happy man after achieving his goal of becoming national 
    champion. (
    photo credit Bruce Wilson).

    Simon Lawson
                        Pictured above, Simon Lawson about to take a big vertical drop
     - a fun way to train! 

    If you talk to someone who has completed an Ironman you’ll soon find they describe it as one of the best life experiences they have ever had. Words can’t describe the feeling of elation when crossing the finish line in an event that you did not comprehend finishing when you first started training. It is something that if you complete, can leave you wondering what would life would be like if you had not gone though the experience. It can change you and make you think about things differently. Do you have what it takes to do an Ironman?.... Click here to read on

    James Wallace crossing the line at Ironman New Zealand and
    becoming an Ironman for the first time!

    Power Analysis of the current New Zealand Time Trial Champion

    Training Smart, to become the best you can be, with the most efficient use of both time and energy is the most efficient way to improve. It becomes even more critical if you have a limited time to train. The old formula of riding after work based on the weather, then hammering the bunch ride in the weekend, is not as effective as it used to be. The rules of the game are changing and so must the strategy of the “performance focussed athlete.”.... click here to read on

    Jodie Stewart getting stuck into Xterra 2012