Smart Coaching 

By Silas Cullen

"Scientific based coaching, get the most out of your time and effort"

Smart Coaching is a training concept tailored to enable you to get the best out of yourself. We Specialise in coaching all endurance sports, cycling, triathlon, running, swimming, mountain biking or anything endurance orientated. If you'd like to train for an event to be competitive or simply to finish, we design your training based on science and your physiology as well as your overall life load. All training programmes need to be specific, sustainable and constantly adapted to you. This is what Smart Coaching is all about.

Performance Training Programmes

To get started on the road to improvement, please fill in this questionnaire. We will then organise a free no no-obligation goal-setting session at a convenient time for you. The goal of this session is to talk through the phases of training. Your current fitness level and your events don't matter at this stage. This is an introduction to the concepts of Smart Coaching.

Tailored Personal Challenges 

Anthony and Thomas during Smart Coaching "Epic Col Week" Lake Annecy, France. They both survived the the challenge and were still smiling at the end. Contact us for full details of "Epic Col Week", or designing your own cycling Itinerary in the French Alps.  

Training Camps

Mark and Eloy at the top of Mt Teide, Canary Islands, Spain during a climbing and descending cycling training camp, where Alpine Cols and Smart Coaching, join forces to provide a high-quality performance training camp. Please Contact us for details on our upcoming training camps.

"The harder you think, the faster you go"