super speed lock-in of nutrition and heat value

REVOZ utilizes the patented SFi drying technology, the first in the world utilizing induction heating and compression to intensify the drying process, resulting in a super-fast drying process and is energy-efficient in treating almost all kinds of wet organic & inorganic feed-stock.

It converts wet organic feed-stock into valuable animal feed, biomass and fertilizers in super-fast speed to conserve nutritional and heat value of the dried products.

It also reduces inorganic sludge volume in the most energy efficient way possible.

Drying DONE WITHIN 12 mins

  • REVOZ turns wet feed-stock into valuable products within 12 mins in continual operation

  • This unique drying technique preserves high nutritional value, especially in animal feed production

  • It maximizes calorific value retention when producing biomass

NO HEAT loss

  • Heat is directly translated from the heating element to the wet feed-stock. No heating medium is required to convey the heat from heating source to wet feed-stock

  • No heat loss through piping, ducting, pump, fan, nor external heater or boiler as they are simply not required

  • No messy piping and ducting required, making installation simple, neat and clean


  • Induction heating is one of the most energy efficient heating systems. Induction heating + compression makes a sizzling combination to further reduce energy consumption

  • Minimum heat loss to surrounding equipment and environment

  • Instant heat-up, no heat on standby and no reheating

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  • Saves time, energy & increases throughput

  • With instant heat-up, no heat on standby and no reheating, system heats up from ambient to operating temperature in seconds

  • Fast system cool down in minutes reduces maintenance time and minimizes disruptions to production

  • Auto start once load is detected and auto stop at process completion


  • An urbanized dryer to fit comfortably into commercial settings and capable of handling industrial scaled production

  • Plug & play with no external heating unit, no piping and ducting and minimal auxiliary equipment


  • REVOZ can take in wet feed-stock up to 86% moisture content, eliminating pre-drying needs in many applications, streamlining complicated drying processes

  • Delivers partial to fully dried products ranging from 40% moisture content to less than 10% moisture content within 12 minutes

  • Instant heat-up, very short drying time and easy production changeover enables preset settings for multiple applications in one machine

Simple operation

  • Fully automated smart system

  • User friendly interactive touchscreen

  • Single-pass operation that avoids back mixing of dried product with wet feed

Drying safely

  • We value safety as much as you do.

  • Every REVOZ dryer is designed and built to meet high safety standards

  • Safety of operators and workers are the top most priority during operation and maintenance

the possibilities are endless

  • Treats almost all kinds of wet organic / inorganic feed-stock

  • Converts food waste into biomass, fertilizer, animal feed, treats palm oil waste, animal manure, animal offal, organic/inorganic sludge and so much more

  • Customizable to meet unique requirements