REVOZ is a revolutionary dryer, the first in the world utilizing induction heating and compression to intensify the drying process. The heat is directly translated from the heating source to the heating substance. No heating medium such as hot air, steam or thermal oil is required to convey the heat. Therefore, REVOZ is capable of achieving very low energy consumption.

REVOZ is a super fast drying system which turns wet substance such as food waste and sludge into by-product (biomass, animal feed, fertilizer etc.) within 12 mins. As the system takes in wet substance and delivers end products of more than 90% dry solids, the dried by-product would have reduced in volume by 70% to 80%.

For food waste, the equipment can confidently handle a wide range of waste types with minimal categorization. Therefore, the amount of manpower required for sorting, waste disposal, as well as site maintenance is significantly reduced. Due to the lack of moisture in the dried product, issues regarding pests, hygiene and overall environmental conditions are also alleviated, this allows for longer on-site storage duration and requires less disposal trips.

With the elimination of an external heater and higher intensity drying, the REVOZ becomes a very compact and mobile dryer, able to fit comfortably into malls, hawker centers, hotels or restaurants. Furthermore, REVOZ is also capable of handling industrial scale systems with multiple drum configurations.


  • No heating medium required - no heat loss to surrounding piping, pump, fan, heat exchanger, heater etc.,
  • Minimum heat losses to surrounding
  • Low carbon footprint


  • No external heating unit
  • High intensity drying
  • Minimal auxiliary equipment

fast heat up & cool down

  • Heats up from ambient operating temperature in seconds
  • Cools down to room temperature in minutes - enables maintenance and repair works to be conducted with minimal disruption

short processing time

  • Total process less than 12 mins
  • Single-pass operation that avoids back mixing of dried product with wet feed

Simple operation

  • Fully automated system
  • User friendly interactive touchscreen


  • We value safety as much as you do
  • The dryer is well ventilated and insulated for a safe working environment

Wide Application

  • Treats almost all kinds of organic sludge
  • Converts food waste into biomass, fertilizer, animal feed
  • Accepts wet substances with wide range of moisture content, 10% - 40% dry solids
  • Delivers partial and fully dried product ranging from 35 % dry solids to more than 90 % dry solids

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