who we are

SINGNERGY is the pioneer and world leader in energy-efficient drying technologies specializing in Super-Quick (SQ) drying technologies for a wide range of applications. The technologies have been granted patents in many countries including Singapore, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Chile and South Korea etc.

Our core business is the provision of robust, compact and decentralized upcycling solutions for various organic and inorganic wastes, from food losses, food by-products, food waste to sludge, across various commercial and industrial sectors. 

Our innovative SQ drying system effectively combines heat and compression to produce high quality and valuable dried products such as food ingredients, animal/aqua/insect feed ingredients, bio-composite materials for new innovative products, biomass for energy generation and reduction of sludge volume and disposal costs.

REVOZ and Hyper-X are two product lines we market to businesses and institutions looking to overturn their wet feed-stock and by-products in a sustainable manner. The 10 - 16 minutes in our dryers from wet to dry is transformational for a wide span of industries from agriculture, aquaculture and livestock farming, to food processing and urban development.

Singnergy is a member of the Crescendas Group, www.crescendas.com 


To accelerate innovation and sustainability through quick and energy-efficient conversion of wet and semi-solid waste to renewable resources.

our commitment

Singnergy is committed to advancing sustainability by bringing innovative, reliable and efficient waste treatment solutions to the market.

To keep up with the ever-evolving scientific and commercial landscape, our R&D team is dedicated to the continual improvement of existing products as well as the conceptualization and development of new innovations.

We believe in partnerships, collaboration and mutual learning. Singnergy continually works with industry partners to provide drying solutions in a targeted approach. At the same time, work with Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning to deepen and diversify our expertise in various applications relevant to our clients.

The after-sales support to our customers is one of our top priorities. Our team of experienced and reliable service engineers ensure our systems are kept in tip top condition throughout their life cycle.