The first in the world Singnergy's Super-Quick (SQ) drying technology utilizing induction heating and compression to intensify the drying process, resulting in a super quick drying, small footprint and energy-efficient in treating almost all kinds of wet organic & inorganic feed-stock.

It converts wet organic feed-stock into valuable animal feed, biomass and fertilizers within 12 minutes to conserve superior levels of nutritional and heat value in dried products, letting you achieve more while using less.

discover the true potential of wet wastes


Producing feeds free from pathogens and mycotoxins under high sanitization standards;

Superior Levels of Nutrition


Effortless conversion of food waste from pre-consumer or post-consumer to dried products within 12 minutes into:

Animal Feed, Biomass, Fertilizer


Conserving high nutritional values in sustainable waste-based organic fertilizers;

Natural slow release mechanism


Treats wet organic/inorganic sludge to less than 10% moisture with ~65% energy of conventional dryers, reduces volume by >75%

Save energy and disposal cost

News & Updates

National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) 2019

Invited feature by NEA for the biennial National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) 2019 on our continual efforts in minimizing energy consumption in both manufacturing and R&D from design to operation.

A*Star Excellence Award

Recognition for our continual efforts to strive towards excellence to convert R&D into industrial output