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Weeding Policies

The Cocoa Beach Library Media Center recognizes the importance of maintaining a collection of current, appropriate, and useful materials. Therefore, a periodic evaluation of the collection will be performed in order to remove or replace materials which are no longer useful. During the renovation of the LMC in the 2008 year, an extensive evaluationof the collection utilizing Follett Cataloging Plus data reports and guidelines posted on the SUNLINK website was conducted and many books were weeded. To continue to provide and up-to-date an appealing collection, the following MUSTIE criteria are followed:
MUSTIE means books should be discarded by the media specialist if:
    M - is misleading
    U - ugly
    S - superseded by newer editions or resources
    T - trivial
    I - irrelevent
    E - elsewhere
Other data-driven decisions will be used to continue to maintain our information sources.