Collection Development, Mission and Purpose

Collection Development Procedures

Objectives of the Selection Process for Developing the Library Collection:

The responsibility for the selection of instructional materials rests with the certified school library  media specialist who completes the annual state training. The selection of media is a continuous and cooperative process involving  administrators, staff, students and parents. The primary objective of instructional materials and  equipment shall be to enrich, support, and implement the educational program of the school. As the  center of the educational program, the LMC provides materials and services that meet academic,  technical, personal, and social needs of the school community. To this end, the School Board of Brevard County subscribes to the principles laid down in the Library  Bill of Rights and affirms that it is the responsibility of the school library media center to support these  principles. 

The Procedures for Selection Process for Developing the Library Collection: 

Mission and Purpose

The goal of the Cocoa Beach High School Library and Information Center (LIC) is to provide comprehensive and balanced information resources to meet the needs of our school community. Our purpose is to ensure that our students are competent, critical, and ethical users and managers of information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; "information literate" citizens able to determine their information needs, recognize relevant information, solve problems, and effectively communicate the results of their results of their research. In addition to the physical resource rooms of computers, reading areas, and study areas, the LIC provides a collection of materials to implement, enrich, and support the curriculum and meet the individual educational and emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The media specialist is committed to providing resources that:


    Enrich and support the curriculum

    Encourage growth in knowledge and appreciation for many fields

    Ensure careful management of the variety of information sources

    Meet the recreational and personal reading needs

    Supports the professional and instructional needs of all staff


*It is the responsibility of the media specialist to select a balanced and variety of resources that are appropriate for the wide range of levels and ability levels and learning styles reflected in our learning community. Input for purchases from students and staff is encouraged.


Resources for the collection will meet the following objectives found in the Brevard County Public Schools Words of Wisdom Guidelines for Library Media Specialists:


    To make available a wide variety of materials on varying levels of difficulty with a diversity of appeal compatible with the different  needs, interests and viewpoints 

            of students and staff.

    To provide materials that will strengthen and enrich the school's instructional program.

    To provide materials representative of the many religious, ethical, cultural, and language groups, and of their contribution to the heritage and culture of America 

             and the world.

    To provide materials that will stimulate growth in literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.

    To place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials appropriate of the users of the  LMC.

The following criteria are considered by the media specialist (also known as collection criteria):


    Educational significance

    Overall purpose and need in relation to the curriculum

    Accurate, valid, current, appropriate information

    Readability, including interest and appeal to reading audience

    Attractive and appropriate format

    Favorable reviews in reputable professional journals

    Content sufficient in depth and scope of purpose