The Eureka Math Program consists of six modules. Each module focuses on Common Core standards and includes fluency practice, concept development, application problems, and a student debriefing at the end of each lesson.

Eureka Math has a greater focus on fewer topics. The Common Core calls for greater focus in math with less topics taught at a greater depth. In 5th grade this deep focus is on concepts, skills, and problem solving related to multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions. This focus will help students build stronger foundations, including a solid understanding of concepts, a high degree of procedural skill and fluency, and the ability to apply the math they know to solve problems inside and outside the classroom.

This program also teaches students through coherence - linking topics and thinking across grades. Math is taught as a coherent body of knowledge made up of interconnected concepts. Learning is carefully connected across all grade levels. Students will build new understanding onto foundations built in previous years.

Lastly, the Eureka Math program is very rigorous. This refers to deep, authentic command of math concepts. To help students meet the Common Core standards, teachers will pursue three aspects of rigor in the major work of each grade: conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application.

In addition to Eureka Math, we will be utilizing MobyMax online as a means of extending your child’s learning in math this year. Please encourage them to practice skills on MobyMax as often as time and internet access allows. This will add a significant contribution to your child’s math learning this year!