Sprint Planning Meeting

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Context: A ProductBacklog, a ProductOwner, a ScrumTeam, and a ScrumMaster have been selected

Problem:What work should be selected by a ScrumTeam to work on a Sprint, and how is this work to be accompliashed or... How does the team create and maintain the SprintBacklog?  or


Solution:For a 30 day Sprint, have an 8 hr meeting where the ProductOwner presents the prioritized ProductBacklog to the team and discusss the ProductBacklog for about 1 hrs.  In the next 2 hrs the ScrumTeam then selects the prioritizede the work to be done as it negotiates the work to be done with the ProductOwner.  The ProductOwner articulates the SprintGoal, which is the theme or the summary of the purpose of the Sprint. Members of the ScrumTeam then volunteer for certain ProductBacklog items, and then they proceed to translate the ProductBacklog items into specific tasks that they own now in the SprintBacklog.  It is not expected that they translate all the ProductBacklog items or that these estimates are always correct.  It is just a starting point that can be evolved at the DailyScrum meetings. 

Resulting Context: An initial SprintBacklog.