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Confidence Star Summary

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Conway's Law ** 
Fertile Soil 
Birds of a Feather 
Involve the Managers 
Scrum Team ** 
Collocated Team ** 
Small Teams ** 
Cross-Functional Team ** 
Product Owner ** 
Product Owner Team 
Development Partnership 
Development Team ** 
Stable Teams ** 
Autonomous Team ** 
Self-Organizing Team ** 
ScrumMaster ** 
Oyatsu Jinja  
Small Red Phone  
Scrum (Master) Coach 
Fixed Work  
Sprint Planning ** 
Kaizen Pulse 
Remove the Shade 
Pop the Happy Bubble  
Daily Scrum ** 
ScrumMaster Incognito 
Norms of Conduct  
Emergency Procedure  
Illegitimus Non Interruptus 
Scrum of Scrums 
Sprint Review ** 
Sprint Retrospective ** 
Product Pride 
Impediment List 
Value Stream ** 
Set-Based Design ** 
Sprint Burndown Chart  
Scrum Board ** 
Product Roadmap 
Sprint ** 
Organizational Sprint Pulse  
Release Plan 
Release Range ** 
ROI-Ordered Backlog  
High Value First  
Change for Free  
Money for Nothing  
Product Backlog ** 
Product Backlog Item ** 
Information Radiator ** 
Pigs Estimate ** 
Small Items 
Granularity Gradient 
Estimation Points  
Fixed-Date PBI 
Vacation PBI  
Enabling Specification  
Refined Product Backlog ** 
Definition of Ready 
Yesterday's Weather 
Running Average Velocity  
Aggregate Velocity  
Specialized Velocities  
Updated Velocity 
Sprint Goal ** 
Sprint Backlog ** 
Sprint Backlog Item 
Production Episode ** 
Developer-Ordered Work Plan ** 
Follow the Moon  
Visible Status  
Dependencies First 
Good Housekeeping 
Whack the Mole 
Definition of Done ** 
Team Sprint  
Responsive Deployment  
Regular Product Increment ** 
Release Staging Layers  
Testable Improvements  
One Step at a Time 
Value Areas  
Value Stream Fork 
Happiness Metric  
Scrumming the Scrum  
Greatest Value ** 
Product Wake  
The Spirit of the Game ** 
The Mist 
Vision ** 
Teams That Finish Early Accelerate Faster  
Showing 94 items