Scrum Team

… you have a product Vision and are creating a Product Backlog in the Value Stream. You would like to have an Autonomous, Self-Organizing Development Team to create value from the Product Backlog .

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A Development Team cannot operate in a vacuum. But Developers’ attention and skills focus on actual development, not on the necessities of managing development or deciding what to create.

Developers need guidance on what to develop. On the one hand, they are generally not interested in product or market analysis. But on the other hand, just “throwing requirements over the wall” is a tried and true recipe for failure.

Developers are most effective when they are autonomous and self-organize. However, it is still necessary to manage the work at hand. But Developers’ skills and interests are also not in that direction either.


Create a team consisting of the Developers (Development Team), a ScrumMaster who facilitates development, and a Product Owner, who guides product direction.

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