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Though this page is called "Published Patterns," all of the active patterns are listed including Works in Progress. However, you can't see the Works in Progress unless you are an author, because we want to encourage authors to openly offer their works only to a community of trusted critics. Also, we want you to check this page if you are considering writing a pattern, because someone else may already be on the task.

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Click the three-line tab for "Published Patterns" at the upper-left of the page to navigate the patterns themselves.

If you are a pattern author:

First, make sure that you are logged in to your account. The easiest way to edit existing patterns is to find them in the sidebar at the left (click on the three short horizontal lines at the very top left of the browser page), and click on them; you can hit the Edit Page key once you arrive at your page. Click here if you need to edit the spreadsheet below.

Green means published; Yellow means In Progress (often a euphemism for "deferred indefinitely" or "dropped"); Red means that something in the pattern needs serious attention. Turquoise is an external reference to a pattern outside this publication (usually to a previous publication, and usually to the Organizational Patterns book).

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