Fair Memory

The team has finished a Sprint and wants to improve their process.


The Retrospective is focused on issues from the end of the Sprint. Experiences at the beginning of the Sprint are forgotten. These experiences could have been used to improve the process.

A person remembers more about what happened yesterday than what happened at the beginning of the sprint. Therefore there will be a bias towards handling issues in the end of the Sprint and.

A discussion of what happened in the Sprint engages people. But things are still forgotten.

Problems seem smaller as time goes.

That a problem is forgotten could indicate that it was not important.


A log is produced during the Sprint.

Seen in practice:

The Scrum Master writes the log. She/he knows details that the team dos not. The log is presented for the team at the Retrospective.

The team has a list on the wall that everybody can write on. Some issues are handled during the Sprint when the issues are fresh in everybody’s memory