Scrum Master turns into a Chicken

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 You have an experienced Scrum Master. The Daily Scrum meeting is created for the development team to coordinate how to proceed in the sprint.

Problem: Development Team members looks at Scrum Master during Daily Scrum. This means they are not taking ownership of the meeting, and therefor we can not rely on the 3 pillars that Scrum is built on.

Scrum relies on 3 pillars. One of them is Transparency. First thing needed is Transparency, and in order to assure Transparency we need honesty. Best way to achieve honesty, and thereby transparency, is to make the persons providing the transparency owners of the process.

Solution : As the owner of the Scrum process it is the Scrum Master's job to motivate the team take responsibility for the Daily Scrum. One way is for the Scrum Master to become a chicken. For example the Scrum Master stand behind the person talking, or the Scrum Master can leave the room. Another way is to educate the development team on why it is important that the team take responsibility.

Author: Jens Østergaard