Boot Camp

... you have a multi-site Scrum and are getting started. The Product Owner has the Product Backlog far enough along for a Sprint Review.

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Distributed development sucks. Scrum is based on short feedback loops; such feedback loops work best between people who share the trust that one finds in a co-located team. This feedback is particularly important at the beginning of development when expectations are developed, relationships are forged, and key directions are set.

Yet there are many forces pushing organizations to multi-site development. You can't always hire enough people locally, or find local people with the right kind of deep expertise to get a project on its feet. It is sometimes important to have team members close to the markets they serve (Organization Follows Market).


Have a co-located project kickoff. This starts with sprint planning and includes doing the first several sprints together.  standards, tooling, and the definition of "Done."

This kickoff should include all members of both teams, or enough of a critical mass of both teams to cement long-term relationships across the miles.

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The team starts with a shared understanding and starts to increase their level of mutual trust.

See also "Face to Face Before Working Remotely."


Author: Monica Yap