School Resilience Program

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The RHAM School Resilience Program is a program designed to provide students, who are experiencing school avoidance related to anxiety, with a personalized learning program in a safe and nurturing environment where they can strive toward academic and social-emotional success.


To enable students experiencing school avoidance related to anxiety to transition to their least restrictive educational environment.


The program will support students who are experiencing difficulty around school attendance and school-related anxiety. An important aspect of the program is a low student to staff ratio. An emphasis is placed on Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset to develop self-confidence, perseverance, integrity and a desire to succeed. Clinical supports will include a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) approach, designed specifically to meet individual needs. The goal is to support students so that they can gradually increase participation in the school environment.

Intake Process:

Students are referred to the program through a school-initiated meeting (PPT, 504, SRBI). Referral information is obtained including: provided informational forms, recent IEPs/504s, transcript, psychoeducational evaluations and any other relevant information that is available.The referral is then reviewed by the Resilience Team. If moving forward, a member of the Resilience Team will contact the family to start the intake process. The intake process consists of a variety of information and data gathering tools, which provide the team with a deeper understanding of the student’s and family’s needs. The intake interview usually takes a few hours and must be completed before beginning in the program. After the intake process has been completed, a PPT/504 meeting will convene for program planning purposes. The Resilience Team develops individualized student goals and academic and clinical supports. The student and family are key members of the Resilience Team and are expected to actively participate in the programming, goal setting, and skill building components of the program.

Strength-Based Approach:

In an effort to scaffold for success for all students, the School Resilience Program provides a gradual and supported approach to re-engagement for students who are experiencing difficulty with school attendance and school-related Anxiety. The program provides a smaller, more structured setting for students in grades 7-12 and offers a strength based approach to learning. This approach to learning is student-centered and rooted in the belief that every student contributes to the RHAM community in a unique and valuable way. Students are supported as they strive to identify and build upon their strengths in a highly structured environment. Additionally, all students will have an individualized growth plan to support them clinically as they work to develop and apply self-management skills.


Administrative Contacts:

Jennifer Hoffman

Pupil Services Director

Christine Hartwig

Pupil Services Supervisor

Case Manager/ Teacher:

Tiffany Anderson


Christi Craig, LCSW

Please see the attached Program Handbook and Referral Form for more information.

Resilience Program Handbook.pdf
New Student Referral.pdf