RSS was founded in the State of Illinois in 1996. Our services range from design through execution of social, health and policy research studies, both quantita­tive and qualitative.

In our 26 years of existence, we have conducted interesting and methodologically sophisticated projects using innovative techniques. We have shared our expertise and contributed to our field through numerous publications and presentations. We have produced research-driven insights with a broad range of populations, including complex recruitment of participants in English and other languages. We have a small but highly qualified staff. Our senior staff have nearly one hundred fifty years combined experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research for a wide variety of clients, including the federal government, large companies, and the nonprofit sector.

We conduct three main types of projects in health, social and policy research:

  • Qualitative research (including studies using in-depth interviews and key informant interviews, focus groups, cognitive interviews and usability studies) in English, Spanish and many other languages

  • Quantitative research (including survey design, data collection, and analysis); we are experienced in multimode data collection (web, phone, in person) and reaching hard-to-reach populations

  • Translation of data collection instruments and other materials into non-English languages

Current and recent clients include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Census Bureau, Northwestern University, Meta, Pfizer, Case Western Reserve University, and the Urban Institute.

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