Career Exploration and Resources

Learn About Careers and Your Interests

See what careers match up with your interests:
This is a survey that asks about your interests and then suggests jobs and careers that you may be interested in. If you are not sure what you would like to do after high school, this is a great place to start thinking about what you would like and how to make a plan to achieve future career goals. 

College Foundation of North Carolina: 
CFCNC has more than just college information! Under the "Plan" and "For a Career" tab, you will find a wealth of information about career planning, fast growing careers in North Carolina, how to make and store a resume and cover letter,  how to handle a job interview, and interest surveys to help you gauge
                                                                                                          what kind of jobs you might be interested in. You can make a free account to                                                                                                                 access all of this information. 
Planning for a Career
College Foundation of North Carolina:
This link will take you directly to CFNC's Explore Careers page. On this page, you can search by specific jobs, job clusters (like medical fields, humanities fields, manufacturing, etc.). Once you search a job you can learn the outlook for openings in North Carolina, the average salaries, and you can use the "Career Plan Builder" to make a plan to get there! 

Job Search
Go to specific locations! If you know where you want to work, you can always go directly there and ask if you can fill out an application. Many retail stores and restaurants will not post openings online. Bring your resume and cover letter to attach to your application. Even if they give you an application that repeats much of the information on your resume, fill the application out completely.  

Job Search 
This website has a wealth of information and tutorials about job searches and applications. Click here for an article called “Job Search Tips for High School Students.”

This website is specific to North Carolina jobseekers, and has a place to search for current openings, create resumes, and find education and training for specific jobs and careers. 
This is a job search engine similar to indeed. Collects jobs advertised on company websites, newspapers, and job boards.    

This was created as a job search site, and now tends to have jobs that have a very large applicant pool without a lot of local listings. However, it has great advice on writing resumes and cover letters, as well as information on interviews.   

Job Applications
When you are applying to jobs, you are going to need to prepare a professional resume and cover letter, as well as prepare for a job interview. Below are samples and instructions to help get you started. If you need help, feel free to see your counselor.