The Google Apps Environment has opened up a world of possibilities for teachers around New Zealand. We are effectively employing "the affordances of technology" to increase student engagement and accelerate learning outcomes.  We are collaborating with each other and our learners in new ways. We are making connections in our schools, clusters and even internationally. We are creating learning  experiences that were not possible back in the day. 
GoogleFest is an annual fun and informative session hosted at uLearn by Google Certified Teachers and other amazing classroom teachers.
We share the things we have been trying, from the highly practical to the excitingly innovative.
All attendees are welcome to contribute to the energetic 'Slam' session - sign up form below.  

The 2015 GFest begins with four GCIs sharing areas they have been innovating or influencing in.

Then the floor is open to all participants.  Sign up using the form below to share your practice. Be in to win some cool prizes including a Chromebook (details below).

GoogleFest ULearn15

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