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The ToyBox project is a made-in-Manitoba grassroots initiative, aimed at caregivers and their 2-8-year-old children.

Registration Forms

Prairie Spirit School Division Registration form (Exhibit JDB-E1 PSSD Registration Form) can be found in our PSSD Policy Manual Section J: Students Exhibits folder here.

Manitoba Association of Parent Councils

The Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC) is an organization of school based parent groups throughout Manitoba, and is one of the five major stakeholders in education. MAPC is dedicated to promoting meaningful involvement of parents and caregivers within school communities to improve the education and well-being of children in Manitoba. MAPC is recognized as the representative of school-based parent groups in Manitoba (outside the francophone school division).

MAPC provides resources to member parent groups and include supports such as: professional development presentations; invitations to special events; constitution development and enhancing communication between parents and administrators.

Parent groups can contact MAPC for more information at 204-956-1770 (Toll free 1-877-290-4702) or Follow MAPC on social media: Facebook; Twitter and Pinterest!

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers resources to help your children stay safe online. They are suggesting families have conversations about internet safety and are working together to implement strategies that ensures everyone’s digital well-being, especially during this Covid-19 isolation time.

Canadian Center for Child Protection - Online Safety