The Board of Trustees expects that, under its policies, and in conjunction with the professional staff of the Division, the administration shall plan, implement, coordinate and supervise procedures and programs which will achieve and maintain the highest possible standard of education in the Division. The Board shall rely on its Senior Administration to provide the professional leadership required, and to specify requirements and expectations for all other administrators and staff members.


Ward #1
Christine Ronceray
Keith Wytinck - Vice Chair
Swan Lake, Bruxelles, St-Alphonse, Mariapolis, Valleyview Colony,
Kamsley Colony, Somerset, Notre Dame, St. Leon, Evergreen Colony,
Colleen Philippot - Ward #2
St. Claude, Haywood, Rathwell, Fairholme Colony, New Rosedale Colony
Ross McKellar - Ward #3

Treherne, Holland, Rathwell, Oak Ridge Colony, Shady Lane Colony
Jennie Parsonage - Ward #4
Glenboro, Cypress River, Cypress Colony, Millshof Colony
Kristine Janz - Ward #5

Baldur, Belmont, Cartwright, Tri-Leaf Colony, Willow Creek Colony
Kim Standeven - Ward #6
Pilot Mound, Glenora, Swan Lake First Nations, Windy Bay Colony
Jan McIntyre - Chair - Ward #7
Crystal City, Clearwater, Mather, Snowflake, LaRiviere
Dolores Larson - Ward #8
Manitou, Darlingford, Snowflake, LaRiviere, Pembina Colony

School Division Committee Members



Collective & Interest Based Bargaining:

Ross McKellar (Chair)
Jennie Parsonage
Keith Wytinck
Colleen Philippot

Staff Liaison:

Kristine Janz (Chair)
Kim Standeven
Christine Ronceray
Dolores Larson