Site Survey and Heat Pump Sizing

MCS Certification standard MIS3005 demands that when installing a heat pump in a property the following takes place:-

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  • A thorough, room-by-room (i.e. not "whole-house") heat loss calculation is performed.
  • The heat loss calculation is extrapolated to cover the entire operational envelope that the house is expected to experience during winter, including extremes of weather - this means a heat loss calculation with a -10C (or worse) ambient may be required.
  • A radiator design that takes into account the optimum (not peak heat pump output) flow temperatures. This generally means a significantly "oversized" radiator system.

This is required to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump installation. If it is not performed correctly the following may occur:-

  • Higher than expected fuel bills.
  • Insufficiently warm house below certain ambient weather conditions.
  • Some rooms not achieving desired room temperature.
  • Overcycling of heat pump resulting in premature failure.
  • Freezing of the ground collector (which in extreme cases can result in formation of tundra).
  • Noisy operation of the system.

Planet Renewables is sufficiently experienced and qualified to perform these calculations, and can provide you with a design with schematic for your MCS-certified engineers to follow. Your level of inexperience in a particular area can be supplemented by our capabilities and designs.

The result is a happy customer for years to come and should the design be found wanting, someone to answer for it (and fix, if needed). We take the risk for you.

Our fees reflect how much of the MCS MIS3005 standard you are currently incapable of complying with. We can also help you succeed in gaining and/or retaining your MCS accreditation/certification, as we have helped many companies achieve the same.

Perfection vs efficiency