MCS Accreditation and RECC

Two bodies exist for regulating the supply of microgeneration technologies. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the RECC Consumer Code. Membership of both is a mandatory requirement for all installers if their Customers are to take advantage of any of the current or future incentive schemes that seek to stimulate the microgeneration sector.

Planet Heat will only recommend MCS Certified installers who are members of RECC. Planet Heat will act as the consultant representing your wishes and ensuring that the selected MCS-certified company undertakes the design, installation, commissioning and hand-over of the system in accordance with MCS standards.

MCS is a valuable mark of quality and adherence to a raft of onerous and detailed standards. RECC is the Customer’s support and industry ombudsman. It is extremely unwise to use any installers who are not members of both of these schemes, as the system might not operate correctly, there may be little remedial action available and the installation could even be dangerous. You might also struggle to obtain the necessary certification for satisfying building control.