There is a growing need for competent design and consultancy services that perform the complex task of sizing a heat pump to be able to provide all the required heating for a building, irrespective of the outside ambient temperature.

Planet Heat supports the industry from small domestic through to medium-size commercial plant.

Planet Heat provides such a service and generates bespoke surveys and designs that when the equipment is installed as per the design plan is guaranteed to operate within the specified operational envelope.

In addition, Planet Heat can provide a project management and support service, selecting the best technology for the application and selecting only Approved Installers to do the work, resulting in a smooth and snag-free installation of the chosen micro-generation technology. The installers will always be seasoned, fully qualified MCS-certified companies, members of the RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code and with a proven installation history. All products used will be MCS-accredited. We can provide all the ancillary services required, such as concrete base building, wall coring, additional insulation etc.

Using Planet Heat to support the selected MCS accredited company does not diminish your rights for any incentive schemes available, such as FIT, RHI or any other government incentives in force at the time.

If anything, there’s an increased chance of securing additional support as we regularly update ourselves on the incentives available for different clients.

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