Ground Source Collector sizing and design

Correct GSHP Collector sizing is essential for the correct operation of the heat pump system.

Without correct sizing the following problems can occur:-

  • Ground freezing (creating tundra).
  • Overcool running of collector, reducing the efficiency of the system.
  • Poor operation in periods of dry weather.
  • Ground heave and swelling.
  • Localised freezing.
  • Plant and tree death.
  • Non-operation of the heat pump system.
  • Freezing collector resulting in long-term damage.

Furthermore, if not correctly installed then the water can get infected which clogs up the collector permenantly, a very costly remedy.

Collectors should be serviced routinely to ensure they have not become infected.

Planet Renewables has sufficient experience to ensure that your ground collector is correctly designed and installed, resulting in expected performance beyond the life of the heat pump itself.

GSHP array
Collector layout design
Layout 2