Ressources (pour tous)


App recommended by students for making French-speaking friends:

Student-recommended site:

LingQ: excellent, free site for learning on your own - lots of practice, tailored to your own needs and interests:

1,500 French word game :


And look up "French numbers" on youtube.

Activités et jeux pour apprendre le vocabulaire - pour tablettes et smartphones :

Jeux pour apprendre le français (tous les niveaux) :

French learning games (beginner and intermediate levels) - free site :

Create your own review/flashcard system to help you with whatever you need :

Practice French with songs:

Lots of listening practice, different topics, conversations:

Listening practice - podcasts about everyday, useful French:

Free resources for learning/practicing French :

PICTOLANG - learn vocabulary with cultural images and games :

MYLO - interactive activities on different topics :

Lots of quick information on FRENCH CULTURE (in English) :

Site web d'un magazine pour adolescents :

Centre des monuments nationaux de France (website dedicated to French national monuments) :

Culture Crossing - a guide to cross-cultural etiquette and understanding (by country):

Student-recommended RPG in French (hit "TELECHARGER" to download):

Note from website: don't save after a boss.

Liste de personnes célèbres qui parlent français :

KARAOKÉ en français !

Travel to France and solve a crime :

Vocabulary games, various topics :

Explanations in English about a lot of French cultural topics :

Adoptez un ami ! ( Ou au moins regardez les animaux à adopter en France...) :

TEXTOS en français ! Un glossaire interactif :

Games :

Interactive activities to practice basic vocabulary (note: CHIFFRES means "numbers") :

Pronunciation practice :

Pronunciation help :

Look up any word and hear how it's pronounced correctly :

Browse online French picture books :

WOW! Sooooooooooo many links (including a gagillion games):

"Best French Websites" :

Ça bouge en France ! Mini-videos on different regions of France :

Practice French vocabulary and donate rice to fight hunger :

Short stories with narration, text, and translation :