Oil Filtration Division

We are the Philippines Exclusive Distributor for PARKER Hydraulics Filration Products. We offer the whole range of PARKER Hydraulics, Lubrication and Transformer Oil Filtration Products,

We also offer various oil filtration related services including hydraulics, lubrication and transformer oil dehydration and filtration service (PURIS-100), oil condition survey, technical seminar and oil condition management service (OIL-C-MAN-1).



-Suction and Return Filters and Strainers

-Tanktop Mounted Filters

-Tank in-built Return Line

- High Pressure Filters

-IL8 Medium Pressure Filters

-Moduflow Low Pressure Filters

-Spin-On Filters

-Medium Pressure Duplex MPD Filters

-Reverse Flow Filters



-Microglass III


-Ecoglass III


-Low Environmental Impact Filter (LEIF)


-We can replace/upgrade your (NON-PARKER) filters elements to PARKER PAR-FIT Filter Elements. All we need is the brand and filter element number.


-Filler Breathers



-Fluid Level/Temperature Gauges

-Absorption Dessicant Type Breathers

-Spin-on Type Breathers


-Parker Model 6A Portable Filtration System

-Parker Guardian PFS

-PVS Portable Purification/Dehydration Systems

-5MF and 10MF Filtration Cart


-LCM20 Laser Particle Counter

-Single Point Sampler

-UBS Universal Bottle Sampler

-Water In Oil (H2Oil) On-Line and Portable Monitor

-MS100/MS150 Moisture Sensor

-MCM 20 Autoremote Particle Counter

-Oil Check for detecting and analysing dielectric constant of oil

-System 20 -for simultaneous measurement of flow, pressure and temperature

-FMU Filter condition indicators

-iCount PD Solid Particle Counter



Hydraulics/Lubrication/Transformer Oil Dehydration/Purification Services - We have the complete equipment including a brand new PVS 600 Purification System and LCM20 Laser Particle Counter for your re-purification services needs. The machine is capable of attaining cleanliness level requirement of your most sensitive hydraulics equipment up to ISO Code 14/13/10,of removing 100% of free water and 80-90% of dissolved water, of 100% free air and 90% of dissolved air, and of removing 100% free gases and 90% dissolved gases.


FIL-O-TECH-1 is purely techical seminar on: Understanding How Oil Filtration Extends Life of Equipment. This seminar is about 2 hours long and conducted free of charge. This is not a product demonstration.

Click here for the seminar outline. E-mail sales@pisas-inc.com to schedule seminar at your own premises.


Site Survey of Plant Filtration System Performance- We offer to conduct complete site survey of your oil filtration system condition and effectiveness. The survey includes evaluation if the current filter is adequate to protect your sensitive equipment and system, recommendation on where potential savings can be attained, application of new technology including environment friendly solutions and evaluation of plant lubrication practices.


Total Oil Condition Management - we offer total oil condition management which includes monitoring of filter condition, regular oil condition analysis, filter replacement, filter inventory consignment with the objective of ensuring protection of the equipment and system and minimizing/lowering maintenance costs, This service also includes supply of filter element for NON-PARKER branded filters installed in your plant.

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