Industrial Sales Division

Health and Safety Division
    Plum Dispenser and Emergency Kits

Engineering Division
     Boiler Retubing, Air-Preheater Basket Replacement, NDT Services, Painting, Heat Exchanger Retubing, Bolting Services, Fabrication

Refractory and Insulation Works Division
     Supply of Refractory Castables and Insulation Materials
     Boiler Refractory Installation and Repair Services

Scaffolding Division
     Cuplock Scaffold System Rental and Erection Services, Supply and Design of Cuplock Scaffold System

Hydrojetting Division
    Air-Preheater In-Situ Basket Cleaning, Canal, Pipe and Heat Exchanger Cleaning (Rental and Services)
    Condenser/Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Services

Refrigeration Division
     Supply, Installation and Repair of Howden Compressors
     Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Cold Storage Rooms

Energy Management Services
    Subsidiary: Joule Energy Managers Corp.

Filtration Division

Fire Systems Division
Valves Division
     One-Stop Shop for all kinds of valves
     Valves Repair

Cooling Tower Division
     In partnership with Innovek Solutions (Thailand)

Water Treatment Division
     In Partnership with  Ion Exchange Pte Ltd (India)

General Engineering & Building Construction
     Sonedel Corporation