Boiler Deslagging in AES Masinloc PP Using Explosives

Post date: Jul 21, 2014 5:42:32 AM

PISAS in partnership with N. B. Harty General Contractors Inc from Missouri, USA successfully removed a bus-size slag inside AES Masinloc Power Plant Unit 1 Boiler. PISAS received a call from AES Masinloc to urgently removed the slag on Friday July 11, 2014. By Sunday evening a team of 6 experts from N. B. Harty is already in Manila. Delivering the needed explosives proved to be hardest to accomplish as the normal process of getting the permit will take about 1 month. With help from our friends in the Department of Energy, a letter was sent to the Chief of the Philippine National Police for the approval and granting of a "Special Delivery Permit" in order to legally transport explosives to Masinloc Power Plant. By Tueday (July 15, 2014) the explosives were delivered to Masinloc and blasting start. The boiler deslagging and shout of "fire in the hole" ended at about 5:00PM on Saturday. Our effort to help Masinloc PP remove the slag was in the news (see the last portion of the news in this link Below is the letter from the DOE Secretary endorsing our letter to PNP to grant us a permit to transport explosives and allow N. B. Harty to use explosives in boiler deslagging.

PISAS VP for Finance HHR with Norm Harty of N.B. Harty General Contractors Inc

Dept of Energy's endorsement letter to Chief PNP PDG Purisima to grant PISAS a special delivery permit to transport explosives to AES Masinloc Power Station

PISAS VP for Finance HHReyes with Norm Harty of N.B. Harty General Contractors Inc.