Increasing pollution of surface and ground water has made quality of drinking water supplies to communities a paramount concern. Simultaneously, communities are faced with increasingly severe water shortages.

Using our vast experience in total water management, PISAS Water Treatment Division in partnership with Ion Exchange Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. offers solutions that

• Provide safe drinking water at an affordable cost

• Treat waste water to comply with discharge regulations

• Conserve fresh water while reducing pollution, through recycle

Our products & treatment processes for communities cover

• Chemical dosing systems, polyelectrolytes, flocculation, sedimentation

• Clarification and filtration

• Decarbonisation

• Softening

• Disinfection

• Brackish water treatment, desalination of sea water

• Iron/ fluoride/ nitrate and arsenic removal

• Waste water/sullage/sewage treatment and recycle

• Disaster management for drinking water