Perry Local Schools

An intervention is a change in the way an entire class, small group, or individual student is taught.  The name Response to Intervention refers to the desired positive response at-risk students will have to the changes in instruction.  With appropriate interventions, educators can close the gap in skills and performance between students who struggle and their peers.
Kagan Publishing 2011
Tier I

The curriculum taught to all students by the classroom teacher.  Intervention happens daily to help all learners succeed.
Tier II

Specific intervention is provided to a small group in and outside of the classroom.   Services can be offered between two and three days and lasting 50-100 minutes weekly.  Progress is monitored through short, weekly or bi-weekly assessments.  Tier II is for students who need extra practice mastering skills needed for school success.  A child could move to Tier I or Tier III depending on their progress.
Tier III

Specific intervention is provided to groups of 1-3 students at a time.  Services become more intense in time and frequency.  Tier III is offered between three and five days and lasting between 150-300 minutes weekly.  Progress is monitored weekly.  This service is for students who need more practice mastering skills necessary for school success.  A child can move between Tier II and Tier III depending on success.