Training: Function Based Thinking

This training will take about 80 minutes to complete. You will want to have a strong internet connection while completing this training. If you cannot complete the training in one sitting, you should be able to come back to the training if you are using the same computer. You have 6 days to complete the training from the time you started.

Upon completion of the training you will receive a summary of your PreTest and PostTest scores.

Once you click to submit a page you are not able to go back to a previous page.

Results from this training may be used for research purposes and to make improvements to the training. By completing the training you are providing consent to use your anonymous results for research purposes. We will begin with some demographic questions.


Trainers & Instructors: if you would like to deliver this training in person you can access materials on the Trainer's Page

The materials presented in this site are available for you to download and present in other training venues. For example, a school or district behavior specialist might be interested in delivering this training to a school staff to increase understanding of behavioral intervention for students with challenging behavior. It may be helpful to watch the videos demonstrating the delivery of the training to increase your fluency in using the training materials. This training could be helpful for training school staff or as an assignment in preservice teacher preparation courses.