Active Supervision

Active supervision focuses on best practices for supervising large numbers of students during less structured times like recess or lunch.

Active Supervision Modules by Allison Blakely

Active supervision, the first Specific Digital Short (SDS) module, teaches the critical features necessary to actively supervise unstructured elementary school settings. This SDS collection has a total of five videos designed to watch one video per day over the course of one week. Ideally, presentation of the SDS collection should occur prior to beginning supervision in unstructured settings or during the first week of such duties. The adult learner can also watch the fifth SDS in the series after long breaks (such as winter vacation) for a booster of active supervision principles

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Specific Digital Shorts – Active Supervision Modules

Allison Blakely, University of Oregon

Specific digital shorts (SDSs) are video collections that address basic teaching and other educational job related skills necessary in the school environment. The SDSs are designed to present relevant information in a quick, easy to deliver, and easily understood format. Individual videos do not exceed five minutes. The intentions of SDSs are to not replace more comprehensive, direct trainings but rather to reduce time and money needed for basic training needs by conveying the critical concepts necessary for adult behavioral change to facilitate improved child outcomes.