Max Nielsen-Pincus, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Management
Portland State University

Contact Information

Office: SRTC B1-18A
Phone: (503) 725-2827
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PhD in Natural Resource Management from the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (2007)
MA in Environmental and Community Studies from Antioch University, Seattle, WA (2003)
BA in Economics and Business Management from University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (1997)


My interests focus on how policy impacts natural resource management and local communities.  I am particularly interested in issues such as wildfire suppression, forest and fuels management, ecological restoration, and private land conservation.   I use social science and economic methodologies to study how individuals and institutions make natural resource and environmental management decisions, and the types of economic incentives and social factors that influence decision making.  I also work on interdisciplinary projects focused on long-term landscape simulation modeling that integrates biophysical and socioeconomic perspectives to better understand how policy and planning can sustain the ecosystem services provided by Pacific Northwest landscapes.  

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is posted at the bottom of this page.  At Portland State University I teach, conduct research, and advise graduate students in the Department of Environmental Science and Management and the School of the Environment. I am also an associated faculty member with the PSU's Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions (ESUR) PhD program.

Recent Publications 

Here is a brief list; you can find links or archived versions of these and others on my PSU scholars bank website:

  • Fischer, A.P., T.A. Spies, T.A. Steelman, C. Moseley, B.R. Johnson, J.D. Bailey, A.A. Ager, P. Bourgeron, S. Charnley, B.M. Collins, J.D. Kline, J.E. Leahy, J.S. Littell, J.D.A. Millington, M. Nielsen-Pincus, C.S. Olsen, T.B. Paveglio, C.I. Roos, M.M. Steen-Adams, F.R. Stevens, J. Vukomanovic, E.M. White, D.M.J.S. Bowman.  Wildfire risk as a socio-ecological pathology.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 14(5):276-284.  DOI:10.1002/fee.1283

  • Abrams, J.B., M. Knapp, T.B. Paveglio, A. Ellison, C. Moseley, M. Nielsen-Pincus, M. Carroll.  2015.  Re-envisioning community-wildfire relations in the U.S. West as adaptive governance.  Ecology and Society 20(3):34. [online] URL:

  • Abrams, J., M. Nielsen-Pincus, T. Paveglio, C. Moseley.  2015.  Community Wildfire Protection Planning in the American West: Homogeneity within Diversity.  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.  DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2015.1030498.

  • Nielsen-Pincus, M., R. Ribe, and B. Johnson.  2015.  Spatially and socially segmenting private landowner motivations, properties, and management: A typology for the wildland urban interface. Landscape and Urban Planning 137:1-12.  DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2014.11.020

  • Davis, E.J., C. Moseley, M. Nielsen-Pincus, and P. Jakes.  2014.  The community economic impacts of large wildfires: A case study from Trinity County, CA.  Society and Natural Resources 27:983-993.  DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2014.905812.

  • Bone, C., B. Johnson, M. Nielsen-Pincus, E. Sproles, and J. Bolte.  2014.  A temporal variant-invariant validation approach for agent-based models of landscape dynamics. Transactions in GIS 18:161-182.

  • Ribe, R., M. Nielsen-Pincus, J. Bolte and B. Johnson.  2014. Testing patterns of landowner propensities to implement extensive forest fuels reduction: Agent-based modeling experiments in the Willamette Valley, U.S.A. Pages 248-260 in: Wissen-Hayek, U., P. Fricker, and E. Buhmann (eds.) Peer Reviewed Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture 2014 at ETH Zurich. Berlin, Germany: Wichmann-Verlag, VDE VERLAG GMBH.  ISBN 978-3-87907-530-0.

  • Nielsen-Pincus, M., C. Moseley, and K. Gebert.  2014.  Job growth and loss across sectors and time in the western US: The impact of large wildfires. Forest Policy and Economics 38:199-206. 

  • Lurie, S. D. Bennett, S. Duncan, H. Gosnell, M.L. Hunter, A.T. Morzillo, C. Moseley, M. Nielsen-Pincus, R. Parker, E.M. White.  2013.  PES Marketplace Development at the Local Scale: The Eugene Water and Electric Board as a Local Watershed Services Marketplace Driver.  Ecosystem Services 6:93-103.

  • Nielsen-Pincus, M., C. Moseley, K. Gebert.  2013.  The effects of large wildfires on employment and wage growth and volatility in the western United States.  Journal of Forestry 111:404-411.  

  • Pocewicz, A. and M. Nielsen-Pincus.  2013.  Preferences of Wyoming residents for siting of energy and residential development.  Applied Geography 43:45-55.

  • Nielsen-Pincus, M. and C. Moseley.  2013.  The economic impacts of forest and watershed restoration in Oregon.  Restoration Ecology 21:207-214. 
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