Policies & Procedures

I. Attendance

Students who miss a rehearsal for a non-school related activity or event should submit an excuse in writing (email or note) to the band director one week prior to the event.

II. Transportation

Parents may transport their children from events with advance permission. The district procedure is as follows:

Submit a note to the principal's office for approval, pick-up a copy of the note the day of the event from the principal's secretary, give the copy of the note to Mr. Stewart. Following the event, parents should meet at the bus to pick-up their child.

Students leaving an event early or coming late are responsible for their equipment (instrument, uniform, etc.)

When riding the bus - male and female students will sit in different seats.

Students should go to the nearest restroom or approved changing room and should not change clothes on the bus.

III. Football Games

No visitors in the stands, band members, chaperones, and directors only.

The Drum Major/Band Director will choose and lead the songs played in the stands.

Students will receive a break during the 3rd quarter of the football game. This is your opportunity to visit the concession stand and use the restroom. Band members should return to the stands when there are 2:00 minutes left on the clock in the third quarter. Students should stay together with other band members during your break.

IV. Uniform

Full Uniform consists of the following and should be work from every performance.

  • Band T-shirt (purchased and delivered at band camp)
  • Band mesh shorts (used as our "summer" uniform with band t-shirt)
  • Uniform Jacket
  • Uniform Pants
  • Uniform Hat
  • Black shoes (clean)
  • Black Socks (halfway up the calf)
  • Rain Jacket (distributed as necessary)

Jeans do not fit well under the uniform and are extremely hot when the weather is warm. Students should avoid wearing jeans.

When the weather turns cold, students may wear fleece or heavy cotton pants under their uniform.

Students with long hair should pull or pin up their hair so it is off the collar of the uniform.

V. Student Leaders

Drum Majors - will be selected through audition. This person will assist in teaching drill and running rehearsals. Students must be going into 10th grade to audition and being in marching band in the past is a plus.

The following positions are elected by the marching band - they must be members of the band (concert and marching).

Commanding Officer - will serve as the president of the organization. Will assist in running band camp. Assist director and drum majors as necessary.

Assistant Commanding Officer - will assist the commanding officer or serve as the commanding officer in the absent of the Commanding Officer.

Secretary - will assist the other officers and take the minutes for each business meeting.

Treasurer - will assist the other officers and complete activity forms for paying bills or making deposits.