Junior High Band

Course Descriptions:

Band (7th Grade) year

With lesson attendance and performance in the band, students will develop basic instrumental music skills. Students from this group may be chosen to attend the Junior High IU9 Band Festival, and may participate in Small Ensembles or Marching Band (with Band Director approval). (Grade 7)

Band (8th/9th Grade) year .5 credits*

Members of the band will continue to develop basic skills necessary in successful instrumental performance by regular lesson attendance and the performance of a variety of Concert Band music. Students may be chosen to attend the Junior High IU9 Band, and may participate in the Jazz Band, Graduation Band, and Small Ensembles. All are strongly encouraged to participate in Marching Band. (Grades 8-9) Note: credit for grade 9 band only.Junior High Band Students need to purchase or find the following books which will be used in lessons. These books may be purchased from me for the prices listed or you may search for them online or at local music stores.

Upcoming Performance Dates:

Reference recordings for Concert Band Music:

Renaissance Festival & Dances


African Festival

Under the Double Eagle