Q-D-U in Brief

Question, discover sources and use sources to enter a community of practice


 Discover Sources
Use Sources

Pose a question that interests you and others

Search for and access expert sources that can help you answer your question

Thinking/Creating--Transform what you learn from others into knowledge of your own making

Reading/Understanding--Read, view, interpret, analyze, and critique material from sources to construct your answer to the question

Writing/Sharing--Compose, produce, revise and present your answers and learning to others as a disciplined contribution to knowledge

 Integrity and Participation in a community of scholarly practice
 Integrity--Treat your field of study, your sources, your own thinking and your audience members fairly and with respect

 Participation--Repeat the process with increasing difficulty and diversity of the underlying tasks so that you progress from being an outsider, to joining a community as a novice and finally to becoming a full member of a discipline