Contact Information and links

-Links that are useful to Biology:
    -Mr. Goddards Kahoot id:  egoddard93.  
    -Link to our textbook online:  Our Book and other resources
                                                               Our Textbook in PDF   
     -Link to useful Biology Videos:  Biology Videos
     -Link for tutoring help:  Khan Academy
     -Link for online labs:  phet labs
                                           McGraw-Hill Virtual labs
                                           Biology Junction
                                            biology corner
-Other links/Information:
     -Link to article about specialization in sports:  Jeff Horner

Generation X


  • email:
  • School phone: 641-732-3102
  • Office Hours:  7:30-3:30
  • Prep Periods:
  •     Semester 1:  6th period
  •     Semester 2:  2nd Period
Make up information: you are expected to know when you can make up work.
  • Tests: 7:30 (the next day or arranged with Mr. Goddard)
  • Late work: Before/After school or Green Time
  • Labs:  Vary with length between 7:30 and 7:45
  • Turning In Late Work:  
    • You will receive a time component grade each quarter, equal to 10% of the quarter points.  
    • Each late assignment  will take 1/3 of the time component grade away.
    • After 3 late assignments you will receive a 0 for anything turned in late.