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Summary of Material on Oscar EMR

OSCAR Health Association of Service Providers

Youtube video on ehealth Crisis in Ontario

OSCAR Canada Users Society:
The Answer To the eHealth Crisis Already Exists. Its called Open source software.

Here is a summarized article on the same subject

OSCAR Open source Canadian medical system

Quick tour of MyOSCAR

OSCAR Introduction

Oscar EMR demo

More detailed tour on pdf

Documentation (User Manual)

Community Forums

The First Ontario OSCAR Users Group Meeting webcast archive

This one is long, but worthwhile:

You’ll need the password “oscar” to get in.

Live Demo #1

Live demo #2 (User id - oscardoc, pw - mac2002, PIN - 1117)

Live demo #3 (need to register for password)

Call to arrange a guided demo, and requirements analysis


Main Web site

Local Installation:

Link to virtual machine image of OSCAR Server

Tablet PCs & OSCAR Health

Oscar Case Studies

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