Requirements Analysis

    • Document & prioritize Needs
    • Determine scope of project
    • Examine Key Business Processes
    • Business Objectives
    • Budget - Including Hardware, Software, Services
    • Determine Alternatives, Approaches, Strategies
    • Identify and involve key resources in the process

System Evaluation

    • Narrow down choices (short list)
    • Evaluation and Initial Testing
    • Identify gaps - work arounds vs. customizations
    • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
    • Evaluate proposals and quotes, negotiate, check references
    • Work Plan - Schedule tasks and resources
    • Decision to go ahead

System Implementation

    • Customization specifications, work arounds
    • Project management and co-ordination
    • Develop critical customizations, deliver and test
    • Test data conversion from old system
    • Power user training
    • Final system testing, document issues, problems
    • End user training
    • Final Data conversion
    • Go live

Post Implementation

    • New business processes
    • Document new periodic procedures -monthly, daily, weekly
    • Fine tuning, improving, resolving non-urgent issues
    • Non-urgent customizations
    • On going technical support
    • Post implementation follow up
    • Future phases - use same methodology