Portfolio Documents

This site contains links to documents and sites to be used in creating your 21C Portfolio

Student Planning Sheet - use this sheet to identify your best work in the 6 competency areas.  List the way you can show your work on a website.

Project Reflection Sheet - Use this sheet to write your reflection for your best work in each competency area.  While writing your reflections, you will need to examine the 21C Rubric to identify the rating that your work demonstrates and explain why in your reflection.

"New" Google Sites Outline
MBA Portfolio Template - this template can be used to create your 21C Portfolio Site.  If you are experienced with google sites, you can create your own unique site.  Just be sure to include all of the required components.

Progress Checklist - use this to keep track of your progress

Reflection Questions by 21st Century Competency
Additional Reflection Questions


Google Resources

Video Tutorials
Student Led Conference

District Fair 2018 Exemplars
9th Grade - Eemonie M
10th Grade - Adara H.
11th Grade - Cynthia S.
12th Grade - Steven C., Aaliyah S.

Portfolio Samples 2018
Senior Portfolio Presentation Samples 2017

Senior Portfolio Presentation Samples 2016

Portfolio Samples 2017
10th JasmineAmber

Portfolio Samples 2016
11th - Kayla

Portfolio Samples 2015
9th - SuhedaShaeylynJonah
10th - Kayla
11th - Megan