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Scholarship Chair

The Scholarship Committee shall assume responsibility for collecting donations via payroll deductions or stand alone checks or cash for the sole purpose of providing scholarships to candidates found to be in good standing as future teachers by the committee.  The committee will have potential candidates apply and then review the applications and make a selection.  The committee will keep records on all transactions and the amount of donations given and host a yearly dress down day for contributors.  The committee has the authority to have a separate bank account for these funds with the Treasurer and President of the Executive Council as co-signers.  The committee will pay the scholarships to the approved candidates.  


PSEA's Political Action Committee for Education (PSEA-PACE) supports pro-public education candidates in state and local elections. No PSEA member dues dollars support PACE.  Will be responsible for collecting any PACE dollars donated and staying in contact with PSEA for any PACE information and will share that information.

PR & R Chair

PR & R committee members

**we would like at least one from each building**

Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee:  The PR&R Committee shall explore and prepare action programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.  It shall advise the Executive Council on procedures for the implementation of the Code of Ethics for all members of the Association and in situation of censure, suspension, or expulsion for cause of members.  It shall develop a program of orientation, provide assistance to local members upon request, and request aid from PSEA and NEA in dealing with school controversies and conflicts.  This committee shall concern itself with the personnel policies in the school district and cause those policies to be distributed to each professional employee.  Authority to discipline and reinstate members is vested in the Board of Directors of PSEA.

Sick Bank

(need 4 more)

The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall assume responsibility for reviewing applications for use of Sick Leave Bank in compliance with policy.  This committee shall consist of six (6) WEA members in addition to the Chairperson/Secretary.

*Building Representative at Bonfield

*Building Representative at High School

  • To call meetings of Association members in their respective building in order to discuss association business;

  • To investigate and respond to member complaints;

  • To assist in enrolling members in the Association;

  • To serve as a communication links between members and Executive Council;

  • To establish such committees in the building as are necessary;

  • To represent Executive Council in the appropriate buildings.

Negotiations Committee

The Negotiations Committee shall review all existing economic and non-economic personnel policies and prepare a survey to be distributed to the membership to determine their requirements and develop a proposed package to be negotiated with the Board of School Directors by the association's negotiating team.  The association's negotiating team shall be selected from this committee.  The chairperson of the Negotiations Committee shall be the association's chief negotiator.

*Public Relations Committee Chair

*Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee shall seek to develop public understanding of the purposes and programs of the Association.  It shall develop procedures by which the Association can work cooperatively with the parents and the public in civic, fraternal, and social organizations and through all available channels of communication.  This committee shall assume responsibility for relations with the press, radio, television, and all other public relations activities as are outlined in the guidelines of the Public Relations Committee for PSEA and NEA.  The committee may also promote American Education Week and Teacher Appreciation Week.  

*This committee may take over the Partners for Public Education which creates affiliate members of the PSEA.

Soda Machine at Middle School

This person would be responsible for stocking machine and giving money to building representative one time per month.