Pension Vote Monday! New calls needed!

Post date: Nov 11, 2010 2:10:28 PM

Dear PSEA member:

We sounded the alarm. You answered the call. Your voice was heard. You did it! State representatives are coming back to vote on Monday. Thank you!

BUT WE HAVE NOT CROSSED THE FINISH LINE YET. New e-mails and calls are needed now more than ever.

Make sure state representative votes to send our pension bill to the governor. Even if you've contacted your representative already, please do these two things right away:

1. Call your state representative with a simple message:

(look up your rep's number to call)

"Please concur on House Bill 2497 on Monday. Do not allow this bill to be stopped by procedural motions - please vote to concur on the bill and send it directly to the governor."

Remember to be polite when you make your call.

2. Send your state representative an e-mail.

Because of PSEA member and staff action, the state House will be coming back into session on Monday to vote on pension reform and other legislation. This could not have happened without your efforts - but our work is not over.

We must keep up the pressure to secure our pensions and enact pension reform this year.

When PSEA notified you last week that state House leaders had done the "unacceptable" and decided not to return to Harrisburg to vote on pension reform in the final days of the session - you responded immediately with thousands and thousands of e-mails and phone calls into the offices of your state representative and state House leaders.

We are closer to winning the fight to protect our pension fund - thanks to YOU. Help us now to finish the job.

Check for updates.

In Solidarity,

Jim Testerman