State House Passes Pension Bill!

posted Nov 16, 2010, 4:16 AM by Tish Jones

State House passes pension bill! 

You made a difference!

Dear PSEA member:

Over the past year, you've e-mailed state senators and state representatives more than 100,000 times and made thousands of phone calls, asking them to Keep the Promise and protect defined benefit pensions for current and future school employees.

Your hard work has paid off. You spoke up, and made a difference. State representatives just concurred on House Bill 2497, and the bill now heads to Governor Rendell’s desk for his signature.

PSEA applauds this responsible action by state legislators. This bill is a responsible solution to the impending pension spike – while preserving defined benefit pensions for current and future school employees.

Visit tomorrow to find a link to thank your state representatives for supporting a bill that Keeps the Promise and responsibly addresses the pension crisis.

What's to come

Today's vote demonstrates the power of our collective action. When we speak up, we can protect our professions, our students, and public education in Pennsylvania.

This will not be the last time we will need to speak up and fight as a collective Association. But for today, congratulations and thank you for making a difference to protect your pension fund and our future.

Find more details about House Bill 2497 at

In Solidarity,

Jim Testerman