MVSD After School & Summer Programs

Our Mission:
To  help children thrive and succeed in life by providing fun, inspirational, 
educational, experiential activities, opportunities and academic support.


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Crossroads ~ Increasing hands on STEM experiences for our youth


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FNWSU - Crossroads After School Programs Celebrate 10 Years

The Franklin Northwest Supervisory  Union (now newly named Missisquoi Valley School District) has made a choice to actively   pursue the provision of high-quality after school and summer programming that can positively impact academic skills, school day attendance and reduce substance abuse.   A Vermont Agency of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Grant and local funding, provide a 50/50 funding partnership for the creation and operation of these programs.  Local funding includes, but is not limited to, school budget support, other educational funds, local donations, vendor discounts, agency program/staffing partnerships and fund raising events.

The Crossroads After School Programs held in Franklin, Highgate, Sheldon and at MVU are programs specifically for middle school students.   Highgate and Swanton after school programs provide programming for younger students in grades 2 & 3 as "Crossroads Explorers".    MVU Crossroads provides after school programming for 7th & 8th grade students.    Our MVU AfterHours provides after school programming for high school students in a variety of formats from year round clubs, extended school library hours, career exploration field trips, Saturday programs, one on one tutoring as well as our multi week program sessions.   

With our new 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Grant award for 2019 through 2024, all our programs run 31 weeks during the school year with early fall, fall, late fall, winter, mud-season and spring sessions ranging from 3 to 10 weeks program sessions.  The exception to this, is the Franklin Crossroads program which runs 25 weeks during the school year.  After school programming runs Monday through Thursday.  With this new 21C Grant, we have added Friday programming for MVU and currently looking to provide Friday programming for Highgate and Franklin.  Swanton Crossroads will have three end of session 'Friday celebrations" as a new Friday program this year.  All Crossroads programming is currently free for all students.   All programs provide transportation home and free snacks or meals.

With our new 21st Century Learning Community Centers Program grant we also have expanded our programming to include 4 to 6 week "Summer Adventures in Learning" (SAIL) day camps at each of our elementary schools.   This programming supports summer tutoring and summer school to include a full morning of activities including enrichment and recreation, in addition to the academic support.   Transportation and meals are also provided, to support family participation.   For our MVU Summer Crossroads, we have programming building upon the 6 week summer school, where enrichment and recreational programming are available 8:00am through 2:00pm with transportation, breakfast and lunch are available.   Families are encouraged to register early as space is limited. 


As part of our Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant, our after school programs have an academic component.  Everyday has homework time or quiet study time along with a variety of literacy, math, science and technology hands-on activities.  Our MVSD After School Programs have provided fun, skills reinforcing and challenging classes like Robotics, Claymation, Digital Photography, Weird Science, Grossology, Electricity Excitement, Math Games, Readers Theater, Literally Art,  ABC123, Improvisation, Art & Poetry, Odyssey of the Mind and more.  Our creative programming has been inspired by the abilities of many teacher, school staff and community members exploring and sharing their own hobbies and skills with the students.  


After school programming includes homework support, tutoring, science, technology, math, arts and literacy enrichment programs as well as recreational opportunities and fitness challenges.   With the partial funding of the Vermont Agency of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Grant, these programs continue under the guidance and oversight of the Vermont Agency of Education which requires the elements of high-quality programming to be met and reported annually, which include: 
  • linkages to the school day
  • regular attendees
  • high quality staff
  • instructional leadership
  • safe & appropriate environment
  • flexible structures & student choice
  • high interest programming
  • program leadership 
  • school leadership support
  • community partnerships  


Arts, mentoring, community service, nutrition, health and fitness programming are another key component to our after school programs.   With Franklin County having the second highest obesity rate in Vermont, the after school programs are taking on the challenge to incorporate fitness activities and wrapping health and nutrition education wherever we can, trying to help youth make healthy choices that can possibly follow them throughout their life. 

Art classes are a big attraction for all our after school programs, where youth have opportunities to learn techniques, develop hobbies and create beautiful art.  MVSD After School classes include jewelry, pottery, crafts, dance, drumming, mural art, guitar and more.

FOR the 2019-2020 School Year, in alignment with our commitment to providing high quality youth programming, through our new 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program grant MVSD After School Programs have added more professional development training and opportunities for our staff.   

Our after school staff have up to an additional 10 days of training time with their Coordinator during the week prior to the Fall, Winter and Mud-Season/Spring Sessions start. 

Youth Program Quality Assessment training and implementation will be facilitated at all our after school sites.   Not only does this "assessment" serve for program evaluation and reporting, this assessment provides a starting place for professional development planning and implementation, that will improve our program quality.   It is an exciting time in education as schools are involved in a "transformation" with Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) and 21st Century Skills implementations, and we look forward to linking and supporting school day learning with our after school programs and set a high bar for youth program quality.

A new program expansion included in this grant award is the MVU Summer Theater Arts Camp, which is one week with our favorite Ernie Hemingway, of Backpack Theater/Storyteller Theater fame.   This one week theater arts camp bring students for all over Missisquoi Valley School District schools to one site for a one week intensive theater arts program.  Open to all grades 2-12, this is a high caliber experience for our youth.

NEW starting this year, MVSD is excited to have been chosen to be a select group of six communities participating in the Vermont Youth Project.  The Vermont Youth Project is working with the Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA) to implement the Icelandic Model for Adolescent Substance Use Prevention.  This model focuses on using information provided by students to learn about their perceptions of the communities they live and learn in, and then for family and community members to use that information to create an environment in which adolescent substance use is unlikely.  The purpose of this survey is to learn about how students perceive their environment and how our community might strengthen the environment in a manner that prevents substance use among adolescents.  The results of this project will help adults create a supportive and safe environment where our youth can make healthy decisions and avoid substance use.  Iceland which made an intentional effort to reduce substance abuse over the past 20 years, has brought a dramatic change using their survey data and community decisions using that data, to now when they have less than 5% of students self reporting they got drunk in the last 30 days (down from 80%).  The Iceland Prevention Model is now used by over 26 countries worldwide.  Vermont will be the first "state wide" effort this first year with its version called "Vermont Youth Project".  Areas in West Virginia and Alaska are doing the survey, but Vermont will be the first US state to be doing this.  Under the stewardship of the Vermont Afterschool Inc, six communities have qualified to participate in this "Vermont Youth Project".  More information will be made available later this Fall.

If you have any questions on any of these programs or would like more information, please contact Carol Lizotte, MVSD After School & Summer Programs Director, at 868-4967 ext 21 or