VPN Standard

1.0 Overview
This standard defines terms and procedures that are important for understanding the proper use of the Murray State University VPN.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this standard is to provide all users with the appropriate information to abide by the VPN Policy.

3.0 Scope
This standard addresses all users, computers, and other devices that use the Murray State University VPN.

4.0 Standard
When using the Murray State University VPN connection, users must also be aware and abide by additional standards that complement with the VPN Policy. These standards include:
  • VPN use is to be controlled using the user’s Active Directory account.
  • When actively connected to the university network, VPNs will force all traffic to and from the PC over the VPN tunnel; all other traffic will be dropped.
  • Dual (split) tunneling is NOT permitted; only one network connection is allowed.
  • All computers connected to Murray State University networks via VPN or any other technology must use the most up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software; this includes any personally owned computers.
For additional information about the Murray State VPN, including the Information System approved VPN client and the appropriate VPN Request form please visit the MSU Helpdesk VPN website found here.

5.0 Definitions

6.0 Revision History