Welcome to the Wind Hazard Mitigation (WHAM) Laboratory at Missouri University of Science and Technology! Members of the WHAM Lab team endeavor in enhancing the performance of civil structures under service and extreme winds, with an emphasis on long-span civil space structures and bridges. Our mission is to achieve community resilience and to make Tornado Alley a better/safer place to live. We have been focusing our research efforts on modelling, predicting and visualizing the wind-structure interaction under extreme winds (e.g. tornadoes and hurricanes), on monitoring and assessing structures’ condition, and on mitigating wind-induced vibration on structures. Our research combines Structural Engineering with Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Material Science as well as Social Science as well as Behavior Finance. Our research is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Transportation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Australian Research Council and National Science Foundation of China.

Mission of WHAM Lab

Lab News
Congratulations to Dr. Grace Yan for Faculty Excellence Award
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Congratulations  to Dr. Grace Yan for receiving inaugural Kummer Missouri S&T Ignition Grants!  Marvelous job!
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Interviewing Dr. Grace Yan For 2021 Midwest Tornado Outbreak
NSF Civic Innovation Challenge Project Movie
Congratulations to Dr. Grace Yan for winning the NFC Civic Innovation Challenge Stage 1 grant by keading a team of 1- academic partners and 15 civic partners!
Congratulations to Dr. Grace Yan for being elected as the Chair of Board of Directors of NAAHDRI in September, 2021.