Rental & Repair

Renting an instrument is a very typical way for a student to try band without the initial expense of an instrument. The Mounds View Band Program has an account with 3 local music vendors who will offer a 4-month trial plan with the rental of any instrument. You may view the brochures below or contact the stores directly for more information :

Eckroth Music: 651-704-9654

Groth Music: 952-884-4772

Schmitt Music: 763-566-4560


The French Horn, Baritone and Tuba are usually available for rental directly from your school. Contact your school band director for more information.

If you chose to purchase an instrument, we recommend finding a name-brand instrument from a reputable music dealer. Below is a list of quality instrument brands. Used instruments can be looked over at any reputable music store or instrument repair store. We recommend Haas Instrument Repair located at 441 Old Highway 8 in New Brighton (next to Dairy Queen); 651-631-8820.

Recommended Brands

Flute: Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, Trevor James

Clarinet: Vito, Yamaha, Jupiter, Backun

Alto Saxophone: Vito, Yamaha, Jupiter, Cannonball

Trumpet: Bach-TR 300, Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter

Trombone: Bach-TB 301, Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter

Xylophone: Majestic, Yamaha, Musser


Local music stores are always the best resource for renting or purchasing a band instrument. Instruments purchased through other resources are often poorly constructed and often times unrepairable. Please see your band director if you have any questions about purchasing an instrument you found online.

Instrument Maintenance

Select a video for instruction on how to care for your instrument. Here's an additional video for the trumpet and trombone. See attachment below for supplies that can be purchased at school. You may contact Mrs. Sorem to place an order.