Mesquite Country Christian Community

 The objective of the Mesquite Country Christian Community is to unite, inspire, challenge, and equip Christians for action in their homes, churches, places of work and communities by conducting three day, 72-hour events that offer participants the opportunity to seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

  Community Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except November)

The March Community Meeting is April 16, 2024 and will be held in Colorado City

Christian Temple

1927 Hickory Street

Colorado City, TX 79512

Future meetings will be:  March to June in Colorado City;  July in San Angelo; August in Big Spring; September to December in Snyder

Walk  133

April 18-21, 2024

Lay Director:  Chris Cajas

Spiritual Director: Chip Hubbard


1 - Juan Luna

2 - Mark Juarez

3 - Ramey Collins

4 - Julio Aquino

5 - Lance Davis

6 - Marcus Brown

7 - Xavier Castillo

8 - Toby Christopher

9 - James Williamson

10 - Dakota Thomas

11 - Chris Smith

12 - Lane Fullenwider

13 - Cordell Hampton

14 - Chase Allen

15 - Terry Roe

16 - Isaac Fraire

17 - Louie Robles

18 - Chris Cajas Jr.

19 - Les Merket

20 - Keith Owen

21 - Rowdy Morris

22 - Gabriel Gutierrez

23 - Jeremy Frizell

24 - Anthony Hill

25 - Kade Dagley

26 - Gene Gonzales

27 - Sebastian Albarez

28 - Tommy Russell

29 - Justin Matthews

30 - James Fraber

31 - Lawsin Merrill

32 - Trust Franks

33 - Tayden Thibodeaux

34 - Ellis Viafranco

35 - Javier Flores

36 - Phillip Ellis

37 - Eric Padilla

38 - Shane Montemayor

39 - Sergio Gaytan

40 - Randy Chesser 

41 - David Enriquez

42 - Jeb Elliott

43 - Ricky Oilfield

Walk 134

September 12-15, 2024

Lay Director:  Autumn Rasmus

Spiritual Director: Chey Thomison

Walk 135

November 7-10, 2024

Lay Director: Curt Rinehart

Spiritual Director: Jason Lasher

Walk 136

March, 2025

Lay Director: Miley Clayton

Spiritual Director:  tba

Please contact Karla Durgin at if you have any questions.

Here are the ways to Submit Applications:

Use this site's Online Application form to enter an application without having to log into the database.

Click here to sign up or view the Prayer Vigils for upcoming Walks - please contact the Registrar at if you need more information on how to sign up for the Prayer Vigil.


The MCCC Board has decided to stop the use of PayPal to pay for pilgrims due to the ever increasing fees associated with using PayPal.  Going forward payment for Pilgrim fees will need to be made in the form of Cash, Checks, Cashier's Checks or Money Orders (made payable to MCCC.)  The fees for pilgrims is $200.00.  Please contact the Registrar at if you have any questions. 

The MCCC Board apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


If you are interested in sending your Teenager on a Chrysalis - check out the Hi-Sky Chrysalis website:  

A Chrysalis is like a Woman's or Men's Walk but is geared for teenagers and there are upcoming Girls and Boys Chrysalis's in June.  Your teenager must be at least 15 years old or the completion of the ninth grade with a maximum age of 19 to be able to attend the Chrysalis.